Learn Chuvash Online – Level 1

Learn Chuvash: Learn a language that is last of it’s kind, having barely escaped extinction and is the last survivor of the Oghuric branch of Turkic languages!


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Chuvash is the native language of the Chuvash people and an official language of Chuvashia. The Chuvash (Chvash, Chvashsem) are the fifth largest ethnic nation inhabiting Central Russia in the Middle Volga and Ural regions and parts of Siberia. Chuvash culture is a complex intertwining of ancient traditions, the heritage of the Bulgar civilization, and interaction with local peoples.

The only remaining member of the Oghuric branch of the Turkic language family, Chuvash is the most distinctive of the Turkic languages and cannot be understood by speakers of other Turkic tongues.

The Cyrillic alphabet for Chuvash was first introduced in 1873 by Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev. Learn this unique language today!


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