Telephone Etiquette - Online Course

16 Jun Telephone Etiquette – Online Course

The meaning of Telephone Etiquette can sometimes be difficult to describe. It can be a unique attribute or characteristic that facilitates great communication, inside and outside the office. It can be the special way that you show confidence in any challenging situation. Get an insight into effective tips to handle any telephone conversation, whichever way it flows.

Understand how important it is to rock at telephone communication skills. By improving how you communicate on the telephone and enhancing basic communication skills, you will improve on almost every aspect of their career, whether the connection is Skype, teleconference platforms or mobiles.

In this course, teleport your skills to:

  •  Recognize the different aspects of mobile language
  •  Properly handle inbound/outbound calls
  •  Know how to handle angry or rude callers
  •  Learn to receive and send phone messages
  • Wise up on different training techniques
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