Social Media In The Workplace

10 May Social Media in the Workplace – Online Course

We are being flooded with Social Media invitations and updates. Web-based communication icons like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are dominating the way we interact with each other. People are feeling the need to be updated at all times, they love to share, but they need to know what is alright to share and what should not be sent out. Understanding Social Media is about communicating the right way.

To effectively learn how to use social media in the workplace, an employee must learn the basic building blocks of social media and the different ways they interact and perform. Once we understand that social media is about communication, we can establish guidelines that allow employees to feel free to network while staying focused at work.

This course touches on the definition of social media, social media policies, security, the rules for posting, the benefits and pitfalls of social media, taking customers’ feedback into account.



At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what social media is
  • Build and maintain your social media policy
  • Keep your social media secure
  • Establish rules for posting
  • Understand the benefits and pitfalls of using social media
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