Learn Sicilian Online - Level 1

18 Sep Sicilian Online Course – Level 1

Sicilian is a language mainly spoken in Sicily, but it has alos strongly influenced languages spoken in Calabria (Calabrese),  Campania (Cilentano) and Lucania (Lucano).

Although mistaken for a dialect of Italian, Sicilian (Sicilianu) is in fact a separate language, and oficially on the UNESCO list. Both modern Italian and Sicilian are based upon Vulgar Latin, the everyday speech of Ancient Rome. However, whereas Italian mostly founded upon a Latin base, Sicilian has elements of Greek, Arabic, Catalan, French and Spanish, and is actually geographically closer to Africa than Europe!

Did you know?

Sicily is just off the “toe” of Italy’s “boot, ” and is home to the highest active volcano in the world, Mount Etna, as well as being the largest island in the Mediterranean. Two great reasons to learn Sicilian!

With our Sicilian Starter Microlearning Course, you can:

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Talk about colors
  • Use numbers 1-20
  • Use the days of the week
  • Use simple greetings
  • Talk about professions
  • Talk about countries and where you live
  • Tell the time
  • Give your phone number and contact details
  • Talk about food and drinks
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