Learn Portuguese Online (Retail) - Level 1

17 Jan Portuguese Online Course (Retail) – Level 1

Learn Portuguese and say ‘olá’ or ‘bom dia’ to your Portuguese retail clients

Your Portuguese retail clients will be more relaxed than their Northern European counterpoints. The Portuguese love to chat about football, food, the economy, politics and fashion, and the weather is a favourite topic for small talk.

However, at the same time, as Portugal is a rather conservative and reserved nation, over-exuberant behaviour in store staff can be seen as rude. Greetings should be formal and respectful, and formal titles such as Senhor and Senhora should always be used. So follow the lead of store visitors and don’t appear impatient. Avoid high-pressure sales tactics (these do not work at all), and the Portuguese are offended by aggressive behavior.

With our Portuguese Retail Microlearning Course, you can:

  • Greet and welcome your retail guests in Portuguese
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Use simple phrases for clothes, food and materials
  • Ask for phone number and contact details
  • Use numbers 1-20 and tell the time
  • Talk about sizes, colors and the all important changing room!
  • Understand simple requests e.g. Would you have this is a different color?
  • Simple recommendations
  • Talk about products, price and discounts
  • Talk about directions and locations