Integración (Onboarding)  de Empleados

14 Jun Millennial Onboarding – Online Course

Millennial Onboarding is a specialized type of employee onboarding. According to Cisco’s recent report, 56% of Millennials won’t accept jobs from companies that ban social media. Manage it, have a policy for it – this is a great start. However, embrace it and your employees will be become your social media evangelists and part of your marketing team.

This is just one of the tweaks that you could consider for onboarding Millennials, ensuring you leverage the productivity of this talented workforce. The new hire phase is a critical time for the employee and company and having a structured set of procedures will make this time run more smoothly and produce a greater chance of success.

  • Define onboarding
  • Discuss the characteristics of Millennials
  • Create an onboarding process for Millennials
  • Develop action plans for working with Millennials
  • Learn from introspection
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