Managing Personal Finances

10 May Managing Personal Finances – Online Course

For many people, finances are an unsolvable Rubik’s cube filled with anxiety. The stress that financial problems bring along with them often has a detrimental impact on our lives, it is a source of tension that can jeopardize our family balance. There are millions of people who live with the shackles of debt each day, however, we don’t teach children when they are young how to manage, spend and invest money.

Many people have a hard time formatting and sticking to a budget, but you can solve the finance puzzle with a little hard work, self-control, and the right tools.

This course touches on the benefits of budgeting, determining income and expenses, the types of expenses and ways of reducing them, the tools that can be used to manage a budget, debt and additional income.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Determine your income and personal expenses
  • Recognize the benefits of making a budget
  • Set financial goals
  • Develop good spending habits
  • Pay off debt
  • Make a realistic and effective budget
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