Learn Hindi Online (Hospitality) - Level 1

07 Dec Hindi Online Course (Hospitality) – Level 1

Learn Hindi and be able to welcome your hotel guests from India with the small talk they love

Learn Hindi and be able to welcome your hotel guests from India in their native language. Relationships in India are based on the personal touch and trust so make sure your small talk is up to scratch.

Business etiquette requires a handshake. However, Indians themselves use the namaste. This is where the palms are brought together at chest level with a slight bow of the head. Using the namaste is a sign of your understanding of Indian etiquette, and would be a great way to greet your guests to show respect of their culture.

If you do shake hands, remember that men shake hands with men but not usually with women, and traditional Indian women may shake hands with foreign women but not usually with men.

One last tip if you are welcoming families. The head is considered the seat of the soul. Never touch someone else’s head, not even to pat the head of a young child or infant.

With our Hindi Hospitality Microlearning Course, you can:

  • Greet and welcome your hotel guests in Hindi
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Use simple phrases for check in and check out
  • Ask for phone number and contact details
  • Talk about countries and where guests are from
  • Understand simple requests e.g. taxi, please
  • Use numbers 1-20 and colors
  • Talk about directions and locations
  • Talk about hiring a car
  • Simple recommendations
  • Tell the time
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