Global Business Strategies

22 Oct Global Business Strategies – Online Course

Opportunities to take a regional business into the global market make it possible to strategically, smartly, and profitably accomplish more than you can by staying local. To prepare, you need to set your business up for success by being open to learning, to applying new ideas, and to continually reviewing how you can create success in the global market. Topics such as trade financing, regulatory considerations, international business planning, sustainability, and much more are included in this course. Well suited for small and medium sized business leaders as you prepare to take your company into the global marketplace.

We strongly recommend that you complete our “Entrepreneurship 101” and “Basic Business Management” programs before taking this course.

This will help you know how to:

  • Describe the complexities of doing business in a global context
  • Discuss trends in global business
  • Apply strategies and tools needed to help shift a regional business into a global enterprise
  • Closely evaluate their current business operation and determine its readiness for moving into a global marketplace
  • Create an international business plan and prepare it for implementation
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