04 Oct French Online Course – Level 3

French is the international language of haute cuisine, fashion, the arts and architecture. Parler French and access the great masters in literature as well as those famous films and songs that we all know so well; French is the language of Victor Hugo, Molière, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Johnny Hallyday and Alain Delon.

After English and German, French is the third most used language on the Internet, ahead of Spanish, and, along with English, is the only language spoken across five continents. This beautiful, romantic language has a massive influence in the world of fashion, arts, music, sport and food.

As the world’s number-one tourist destination with more than 70 million visitors a year, France is a must for your travel list. Bon voyage, everyone!

Continue your learning and improve your language learning with every level.

With our French A1.2 Microlearning Course, you can:

  • Learn prepositions of place
  • Learn how to give directions
  • Use the Past simple
  • Use modal verbs
  • Use the Present Continuous
  • Learn how to use time expression For and Ago
  • Learn the use of verbs: Have, Go, Do
  • Use the Future tense to ask questions
  • Learn compound verbs


* All cudoo language Microlearning courses are mapped to international CEFR levels and “Can Do” statements


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