Employee Motivation

10 May Employee Motivation – Online Course

A motivated workforce is far more likely to be a successful workforce. The happier an employee is, the higher their responsibility, productivity and efficiency will be. Motivation is the product of the enthusiasm, energy and commitment an employee puts in the accomplishment of their duties, but motivating may prove to be a very hard task for the simple reason that different people find their motivation in different factors: a higher salary, a bigger office, a promotion or a better quality of life.

Whether you are an employer or a manager you will surely be familiar with the challenge of finding a balance between a confident, motivated employee and an employee which is driven to attain goals. This course will provide you with all the tools necessary to face this challenge.

This course touches on some key motivational theories and techniques, how to set SMART goals and build a personalized motivational plan, creating a motivational organization and helping employees to identify and maximize their own motivators.



At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the employer in motivation and how the employee can play a part
  • Identify the importance of employee motivation
  • Implement methods of employee motivation
  • Become familiar the theories of motivation
  • Identify personality types and include them into a motivation plan
  • Set SMART goals
  • Get the best out of motivated employees
  • Motivate employees to increase productivity and efficiency
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