Learn Chichewa Online - (Business)

19 Jun Chichewa Online Course – (Business)

Chichewa, also know as Nyanja or Chinyanja, is a Bantu language spoken in parts of Southern Africa. It is the official language in Malawi, Zambia, and also spoken by some in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. “Chi” means language. The Chewa (or Nyanja) have a rich tradition of folktales, historical narratives, music-making, dancing, and craft making. As agriculturalists, they live in villages that consist of several huts led by a village headman, nyakwawa. Did you know? “Chi” means language. Nyanja means lake, so Chinyanja means “language of the lake”.
Continue your learning and improve your job prospects with every level. With our Chichewa Business course, you can:

  • Talk about yourself and your company
  • Arrange and attend business meetings
  • Talk on the phone and leave messages
  • Describe your product
  • Use phrases to help with negotiation and sales
  • Discuss agreements and contracts
  • Talk about banking and accounting
  • Use key phrases for business travel
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