Reading body language as a sales tool

22 Oct Body Language – Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool – Online Course

Body language can make or break our efforts to establish long, trusting personal or professional relationships. Our body language can help to reinforce and add credibility to what we say, or it can contradict our words. Understanding what signals you are sending, as well as being able to read the signals that your clients send, is an essential skill in sales and throughout our lives. Knowing how to interpret and use body language to your advantage is a real ace in the hole that will help you close the deal!

What is your body language saying about you?

This course touches on how body language relates to building trusting relationships in sales, what face and body say about a person’s thoughts and feelings, how to measure space, as well as tools to implement and behaviors to adopt in order to establish, develop and deepen rapport.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what your interlocutors think when they speak
  • Use body language effectively to improve your relationship with others
  • Improve your appearance and posture
  • Interpret nonverbal behaviors
  • Interact successfully with your business partners
  • Read your clients’ feelings and thoughts and react accordingly
  • Understand your prospects’ engagement or disengagement during a sales presentation or a negotiation
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