Learn Arabic Online - (Business Phrases)

27 Dec Arabic Online Course – Level 3 (Writing)

Learn to write in Arabic with our easy, step by step video guide. The Arabic alphabet or Arabic abjad is a thing of beauty, with its cursive letters and mesmerizing dots and curves.

Unlock the mystery of this stunning script, with this step by step, ‘wow so easy’ video guide to each magnificent letter and how it changes depending on where it is in the word. Challenge your brain with a script that is written from right to left. However, beware, the numbers are written from left to right, so the other half of your brain won’t feel left out!

Did you know?

While originally used to write the Arabic language, the Arabic alphabet has been adopted as the script for other languages, such as Urdu, Persian, Pashto, Kurdish, Sindhi, and others. Due to the influence of Islam, the Arabic alphabet is one of the most widespread writing systems in the world, found in large parts of Africa and Western and Central Asia, plus in pockets of East Asia, Europe, and the Americas. So by learning the Arabic script, you unlock more than just one language!


With our course, you can:

  • Identify the alphabet and the sounds in Arabic
  • Learn the direction of the script
  • Learn the individual letters
  • Identify the Initial, Medial, Final and Isolated Shape
  • Learn how to link the letters to each other
  • Change the shape depending on its position in the word
  • Practice creating words using the letters

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